2010 Schedule

Madras Speedway



Anyone who enters the facility must complete and sign all proper release and waiver forms. If a parent is not present anyone under 18 must have a signed notarized minor release waiver

NO PIT RIDING - Riding only to and from track at a speed not to exceed 5.m.p.h. Bikes must stay in designated areas. No riding on the circle track or the front parking lot.

Spectators MUST remain in designated areas at all times

All riders are to adhere to required protective gear at all times including; helmets, goggles, long sleeve jerseys, long riding pants, gloves and proper boots. We also advise that protective pads, chest protectors and kidney belts be worn.

Helmets must be worn at all times

At no time will inappropriate riding be tolerated. All participants of this behavior will be asked to leave the facility immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS

No fighting or foul language. Bad sportsmanship from anyone attending an event will not be tolerated.

Absolutely no NIGHT RIDING

NO double riding

No alcohol or drugs allowed.

Parents are responsible for their children and are required to monitor them at all times. No minors allowed without parental supervision.

Camping is allowed with a 10.00 fee. When there are 2 day events. Your area must be clean when you leave.

No riding when the water truck is watering the track

All signs posted must be obeyed