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Racing starts at 6:30 p.m.

360 CID maximum cast iron motor (FLAT TOP PISTONS & ASCS INTAKE GASKET NO LONGER REQUIRED). Carb or fuel injection. No blowers or superchargers. Maximum 8 injector nozzles in manifold only. No down tube injectors in head, aluminum heads allowed. Maximum 2 3/16 injector stacks.

Alcohol or gas, no nitro or nitrous oxide, fuel cell USAC approved. No gallon limit.

Top wings required 25 SQ FT maximum (unless non-wing comp scheduled). Nose wing must not exceed 3'x2' with rear flap no more than 1" lip.

Unibody roll cage and frame, roll bar padding required in head area. No threaded couplers. Wheel base requirement min 85" length (hub to hub). Max 85" width (to outside of rear tires).

No driver actuated shocks. 2 wheel brakes required. NO open drive lines. All cars with flywheels/clutches must have an approved scatter shield ex USCA-NHRA (acceptable alternatives will be at the discretion of tech man). Floor boards to extend from firewall to under drivers seat.

Highly visible numbers on top wing and fuel tank. No primer paint or spray can numbers. Cars to be cleanly painted


SAFETY RULES: SFI-5 rating fire suit, racing gloves, racing shoes, full face shield helmet, neck brace, arm restraints and helmet net required. Nomex underwear and head cover recommended. Full face shield helmet 2005 or newer SA approved required. Blood type on helmet recommended. If you fail to meet the above safety requirements you will not race!